A cicada perched on a green plant with a soft-focus background
  • 35mm 53mm
  • ƒ/1.4
  • 1/480s
  • ISO 125
  • 0ev
05 Jun 2024
A close-up of a small insect perched on a blade of grass, with a blurred green background
A fly perched on a green leaf with a soft-focus background
A close-up of young leaves and buds on a plant, with a blurred green background
A moth rests on green foliage with a blurred pink flower in the background
Several eggs with varying shell colors are resting on a paper towel on a wooden surface, with a blurred background suggesting a kitchen setting
A cluster of pink roses with dewdrops, surrounded by green foliage, against a blurred blue background
A tree with green leaves in front of a building with reflective blue glass windows
A silhouette of a tree trunk with a single water droplet hanging from its edge against a blurred green background
A close-up of a small insect clinging to the underside of a green leaf, with a blurred green background suggesting a natural, outdoor setting
An insect rests on the leaves of a green plant, with a soft-focus background
Scattered pieces of colorful chalk on a textured ground
A black and white photo capturing a close-up of a plant with small round berries, with a blurred background