PROVIA54 Photos
A dragonfly perched on the tip of a bare branch against a backdrop of a blue sky with scattered clouds
A close-up of a backpack zipper on a brown fabric, with a green blurred background
Green grass-like plants with slender stems and small, white buds against a dark, blurred background
A close-up view of a tightly packed bundle of dry, golden straw arranged in a circular pattern
A red wall with vertical panels, partially obscured by tall grass and a small green bush
Large round hay bales arranged in a row on a grassy field under a cloudy sky
A small, unripe apple growing on a tree branch surrounded by green leaves, with a blurred green background
A rustic farm scene with a red barn, a tall silo, and overgrown vegetation in the foreground
A blue carton filled with fresh strawberries, held by two hands
A green tractor partially covered by foliage, parked in a barn with a silo visible in the background
A cicada perched on a green plant with a soft-focus background
A close-up of a small insect perched on a blade of grass, with a blurred green background
A moth rests on green foliage with a blurred pink flower in the background
A tree with green leaves in front of a building with reflective blue glass windows
A silhouette of a tree trunk with a single water droplet hanging from its edge against a blurred green background
A close-up of a small insect clinging to the underside of a green leaf, with a blurred green background suggesting a natural, outdoor setting
An insect rests on the leaves of a green plant, with a soft-focus background
Scattered pieces of colorful chalk on a textured ground
A close-up of a pink net structure against a blurred green and black background
A small football rests on dark soil surrounded by green plants
A vibrant blue sky is the backdrop for a tall sign that reads Mars Cheese, framed by green tree leaves in the foreground
A red ranunculus flower with layered petals is in focus against a blurred natural background
A hand holding a large strawberry against a blurry background
Young plants sprout in white containers under a beam of light in a darkened setting