FUJIFILM X-T5208 Photos
A stop sign stands at the edge of a road with tire marks, surrounded by lush green vegetation and trees under a partly cloudy sky
A dragonfly perched on the tip of a bare branch against a backdrop of a blue sky with scattered clouds
A close-up of a backpack zipper on a brown fabric, with a green blurred background
Green grass-like plants with slender stems and small, white buds against a dark, blurred background
A close-up of a yellow flower with a blurred green background
A red playground slide ending on a dirt and mulch surface
A close-up of colorful playground equipment featuring yellow bars, a pink panel with curved cutouts, and a metal handrail
Several garlic scapes with bulbous ends lying on a dark wooden surface
A busy urban intersection with pedestrians crossing the street and vehicles, including a bus, navigating the roads
A silhouette of a person operating a camera against a backdrop of abstract black and white shapes
A close-up of a bouquet featuring various pink and white flowers with soft, blurred background
A close-up view of a tightly packed bundle of dry, golden straw arranged in a circular pattern
A red wall with vertical panels, partially obscured by tall grass and a small green bush
Large round hay bales arranged in a row on a grassy field under a cloudy sky
A small, unripe apple growing on a tree branch surrounded by green leaves, with a blurred green background
A rustic farm scene with a red barn, a tall silo, and overgrown vegetation in the foreground
A blue carton filled with fresh strawberries, held by two hands
A green tractor partially covered by foliage, parked in a barn with a silo visible in the background
A cicada perched on a green plant with a soft-focus background
A close-up of a small insect perched on a blade of grass, with a blurred green background
A fly perched on a green leaf with a soft-focus background
A close-up of young leaves and buds on a plant, with a blurred green background
A moth rests on green foliage with a blurred pink flower in the background
Several eggs with varying shell colors are resting on a paper towel on a wooden surface, with a blurred background suggesting a kitchen setting