35mm182 Photos
A cicada perched on a green plant with a soft-focus background
A close-up of a small insect perched on a blade of grass, with a blurred green background
Several eggs with varying shell colors are resting on a paper towel on a wooden surface, with a blurred background suggesting a kitchen setting
A vibrant orange flower stands in front of a window with a view of greenery outside
A bouquet of flowers with a mix of white and purple blooms in a glass vase, set on a table with a blurred background suggesting an outdoor setting
A yellow chain linked to a metal hook against a blurred natural background
A yellow toddler swing hangs from metal chains against a blurred background of trees and foliage, suggesting a peaceful outdoor setting, possibly a park or a backyard
A close-up of a pink net structure against a blurred green and black background
A small football rests on dark soil surrounded by green plants
A variegated green leaf against a blurred natural background
A small, lush green plant sprouting amidst a bed of brown mulch
A dandelion seed head in focus, surrounded by green foliage and small pink flowers
A silhouette of a bare tree branch against a gradient sky, transitioning from light to dark
A sequence of footprints in the sand, leading towards the water's edge on a beach
A hand holding a large strawberry against a blurry background
Young plants sprout in white containers under a beam of light in a darkened setting
A seedling tray with young green plants and a few empty cells, apparently taken in a dark environment with a focused light source on the foliage
Weathered yellow road markings on cracked asphalt
A green potted fern sits against a white wall with a small red object on the upper right corner
A person in a red jacket observing fish in an aquarium
A close-up view of a row of red bowling balls aligned on a rack, seen from the level of the balls, with a bowling lane blurred in the background
A collection of sneakers arranged neatly on shelves, with each shelf housing a pair
A serene beach with a clear blue sky, calm sea, and two figures standing at the end of a wooden jetty
Green shoots of grass peeking through a dusting of snow