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A yellow chain linked to a metal hook against a blurred natural background
  • 35mm 53mm
  • ƒ/1.4
  • 1/52s
  • ISO 3,200
  • -2/3ev
Classic Chrome
A blue wooden wall with a yellow pole leaning against it and a leafy plant partially visible on the right side
A misty beach scene with people scattered along the shore, some in the water, and others lounging or walking on the gray sand
Light Cathedral
A red puffer jacket hanging on a white hook next to a window with decorative ironwork
A sheep standing on a grassy hilltop against a cloudy sky
A close-up of a small cluster of white flowers and green leaves against a blurred background with vertical dark lines
A brightly lit ice cream shop with a colorful sign reading ICE CREAM in large letters, located between two staircases
A vast expanse of calm ocean water under a clear blue sky, with a single person in the distance
A black and white photograph of a neon sign for John's Grill advertising steaks, seafood, and cocktails, with the establishment date of 1908
Clusters of small white flowers surrounded by dark leaves in a black and white photograph