ACROS21 photos
A busy urban intersection with pedestrians crossing the street and vehicles, including a bus, navigating the roads
A silhouette of a person operating a camera against a backdrop of abstract black and white shapes
A silhouette of a bare tree branch against a gradient sky, transitioning from light to dark
A sequence of footprints in the sand, leading towards the water's edge on a beach
A close-up of a tree branch with a cut end, surrounded by other branches, in black and white
A foggy street with snow on the ground, lined with bare trees and utility poles, and trash bins on the sidewalk
Two people sitting on a frozen lake with a distant shoreline and houses in the background, captured in black and white
A tall streetlight with multiple lamps, viewed from below against a cloudy sky, with tree branches on the left side
Light Cathedral
Numerous small lights arranged in a grid pattern on a dark surface, creating a glowing, starry effect
A child holding a glowing snowflake-shaped object in a dark setting
A black and white photograph of a tall, leafless tree branch extending upwards against a cloudy sky, with other bare tree branches surrounding it
A black and white photograph of tree branches adorned with out-of-focus lights, creating a bokeh effect
A dark, nighttime scene featuring the upper part of a house with illuminated windows and bare trees in the background
A black and white photograph of an industrial building with tall smokestacks, set against a clear sky with a few clouds. Trees and a bridge are visible in the foreground
A pile of small plastic containers with attached lids and stirrers, all in grayscale
A sign advertising homemade fresh salsa, available in mild or hot, priced at $6.99 per pint
Silhouetted figures sitting on a dock, watching a bright fireworks display over a body of water at night
Fireworks exploding in the night sky with tree silhouettes on the right side
Three tall, slender plants with elongated flower spikes, captured in black and white against a dark background
A close-up of pine tree branches in black and white, with a blurred background