Velvia23 Photos
A fly perched on a green leaf with a soft-focus background
A close-up of young leaves and buds on a plant, with a blurred green background
A cluster of pink roses with dewdrops, surrounded by green foliage, against a blurred blue background
A vibrant orange flower stands in front of a window with a view of greenery outside
A small, lush green plant sprouting amidst a bed of brown mulch
A green potted fern sits against a white wall with a small red object on the upper right corner
Green shoots of grass peeking through a dusting of snow
A colorful pinwheel with blurred petals, focusing on the tip against a soft background
Rose Comets
Winter Cord
Jungle Bird
Vibrant koi fish swimming in a pond
Pier Flight
Lizard Links
Warm Beams
Fire Foliage
Door Weed
Dandelion Dusk
Rusty Fence