Nostalgic Neg.10 photos
A tranquil evening scene over water, with a reflection of the twilight sky and lights from nearby buildings, accented by silhouette tree branches in the foreground
A bowl of cereal with a spoon on a white surface
A handmade sign with the word EXIT painted in blue, accompanied by three red arrows pointing to the left, is mounted on a post in front of some dense greenery
A small turtle walking on a rocky surface, partially illuminated by sunlight
A black and white goat with a long beard lying on a sandy ground, with dappled sunlight creating shadows around it
A close-up of a dried, brown palm frond with a blurred green and blue background
A yellow fire hydrant with blue caps is surrounded by a bed of rocks and some greenery in the background
An ear of corn with some kernels missing and a darkened, damaged tip, surrounded by green leaves
A halved tomato on a cutting board, with visible seeds and internal structure
Two small mushrooms growing amidst green grass